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Empowering and Restoring Adults Life coach (Age 18 +)

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We are motivated by God's love to empower and restore adults to their full potential.

Life advocates are life coaches for adults who have come through the cycles of addiction, incarceration, immigration, or other barriers. Each client is paired with 2 life advocates who meet 1 hour a week for 8-12 weeks working on setting goals in employment or education. 

The role of the life advocate is to love on, care, listen, have coffee with, coach, mentor, speak life, encourage, walk alongside, love on, show mercy, be present, care, connect, empower and build a positive relationship.

We provide training on how to coach and the resources to help our clients begin to goal set. You provide the willingness to build a relationship.

 As a Christian organization, we do require life advocates to be Christian and to attend a monthly training before being matched with a client.  

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Meet on a weekly basis with Covenant Client to discuss progress and challenges.
  • Provide knowledge of soft job skills in support of job retention and career advancement.
  • Guide Covenant Clients in developing achievable goals for work, home, family.
  • Promote and utilize learning opportunities as needed in areas such as ESL, computer skills, resume development, job applications, budgeting, etc.
  • Assist clients in identifying their skills, strengths and talents.
  • Demonstrate Christian care and values.


Required Skills

  • Maturity of personal Christian faith
  • Thoughtful communicator – slow to speak, a good listener who takes time to process
  • Respectful – demonstrating humility, gentleness, and kindness
  • Solid work ethic – having a work history and a willingness to share their experience
  • Socially Balanced – engaging, polite, and able to adapt to situations and circumstances
  • Guiding not directing leader
  • Ability to hold others accountable
  • Strong empathy for the working poor/disadvantaged and/or a willingness to learn what it means to live in poverty
  • Flexibility to work with other Life Advocates
  • Supportive of Covenant Clients goals and objectives by exhibiting patience, caring, and concern

Becoming a Life Advocate Process

  1. Contact UpWorks with interest.
  2. Complete Application
  3. Attend training/ orientation
  4. Background Check completed
  5. Meet client at matching meeting facilitated by UpWorks program office.
  6. Meet client for 8-12 weeks for 1 hour a week and maintain communication with UpWorks Program Manager through client status


Get Connected Icon Volunteers should be between the ages of 18 and 120.
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