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Touchstone Mental Health

Who We Are


Touchstone Mental Health provides an array of innovative person-centered services for people whose lives are affected by mental illnesses.

Our Mission

Touchstone Mental Health Inspires Hope, Healing and Well-Being.

Our Vision

Touchstone Mental Health is an organization of excellence creating innovative, person-centered care with individuals whose lives are affected by mental illness. We transform how services for mental, physical and social health intersect to achieve optimal wellness.

What We Do

Our Values

  • Dignity and respect are cornerstones in our interactions with people we serve.
  • Every person can express their needs and desires and make choices about their lives.
  • Every person should have safe and affordable housing as this is necessary for mental health and well-being.

Our programs use best practices in mental health treatment to help people reach their goals.

We provide residential treatment, assisted living, case management and care coordination with adults with mental illness in the twin cities.